Web Showings

The Wooster Group offers one-time showings on the web of the following productions. After you make your purchase, we will contact you within 3 business days to ask for the date and time of your showing, and will have the video ready at a web address at least 24 hours in advance to allow for load time. If you have questions, or to purchase by check, contact us at mail@thewoostergroup.org.


Turn on, tune in, and drop out with The Wooster Group's L.S.D. (...JUST THE HIGH POINTS...), a four-part examination of hysteria and hallucinations. The piece features readings from Beat generation authors, the writings and recordings of Dr. Timothy Leary, and scenes from Arthur Miller's The Crucible and Michael Kirby's The Hearing. Recorded at The Performing Garage in 1985. Featuring Nancy Reilly, Jim Clayburgh, Ron Vawter, Matthew Hansell, Michael Kirby, Jeff Webster, Norman Frisch, Michael Stumm, Steve Buscemi, Peyton Smith, Anna Köhler, and Kate Valk. Directed by Elizabeth LeCompte. 75 minutes.

Price $100.00



Subtitled "A Documentary on Theater Life in Eight Dances," FISH STORY is the companion piece to BRACE UP! and explores the last eight pages of Chekhov's Three Sisters refracted through the prism of a Geinin theater troupe. Recorded at The Performing Garage in 1994. Featuring Kate Valk, Scott Renderer, Dave Shelley, Jeff Webster, Roy Faudree, Christopher Kondek, Beatrice Roth, Jack Frank, Karen Lashinsky, and Peyton Smith. Directed by Elizabeth LeCompte. 60 minutes.

Price $100.00

fish story


Eugene O'Neill's 1922 Expressionist drama. Recorded on tour in Berlin's Hebbel Theater in 1997. Featuring Willem Dafoe as Yank, Kate Valk, Peyton Smith, Scott Renderer, Dave Shelley, Scott Shepherd, Roy Faudree, Shaun Irons, and Ari Fliakos. Directed by Elizabeth LeCompte. 75 minutes.

Price $100.00

the hairy ape