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Performers: Steve Ausbury, Willem Dafoe, James 'J.J.' Johnson, Christopher Kondek, Scott Renderer, Elion Sacker, Dave Shelley, Peyton Smith, Leslie Thornton, Toby the Goat, Tom Zummer

Director: Elizabeth LeCompte
Screenplay: Kate Valk, Marianne Weems
Cinematographer: Leslie Thornton
Editor: Christopher Kondek
Soundtrack: Christopher Kondek, Leslie Thornton
Production Design: Kate Valk
Costumes: Elizabeth Jenyon
Producer: The Wooster Group

Production History

June 1992: Rhyme ‘Em to Death pre-production
July 1992: Rhyme ‘Em to Death film shoot
October 1992: Rhyme ‘Em to Death edit work begins
March – June 1995: Rhyme ‘Em To Death included in The Whitney Biennial
December 19, 2009 -Feb 21, 2010: Rhyme 'Em To Death included in the exhibit "All Creatures Great and Small" at the Zacheta National Gallery in Warsaw, Poland
June 25-September 12 2010: Rhyme 'Em To Death included in the exhibit 'Ellipsis' at Paillard Contemporary Art Centre, Ponce sur le Loir, France