POINT JUDITH (an epilog)

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Production Credits

Composed by Spalding Gray and Elizabeth LeCompte
in collaboration with Jim Clayburgh, Willem Dafoe, Libby Howes and Ron Vawter
Directed by Elizabeth LeCompte

Original cast: Spadling Gray, Willem Dafoe, Michael Rivkin, Ron Vawter, Libby Howes
Later: Michael French, Matthew Hansell, Kate Valk
Original Text: Jim Strahs
Films: Ken Kobland
Designers: Jim Clayburgh and Elizabeth LeCompte

Production History

December 28 1979 - March 2 1980: POINT JUDITH at The Envelope, New York City
May 6 - 24 1980: POINT JUDITH at The Mickery Theatre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
November 28 1980 - February 8 1981: POINT JUDITH at The Performing Garage
April 30 - May 3 1981: POINT JUDITH at the Kaaitheatre Festival, Brussels, Belgium
June 3 - 13 1982: POINT JUDITH and ROUTE 1 & 9 at The Performing Garage