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Production Credits

Composed by The Wooster Group

Directed by Elizabeth LeCompte

With Steve Buscemi, Jim Clayburgh, Norman Frisch, Matthew Hansell, Michael Kirby, Anna Köhler, Nancy Reilly, Elion Sacker, Peyton Smith, Michael Stumm, Kate Valk, Ron Vawter, Jeff Webster
Also: Willem Dafoe, Spalding Gray, Marisa Hansell, Freya Hansell, Jim Strahs, James “J.J.” Johnson, Ursula Easton, Tena Cohen, Beatrice Roth, Maria Myers, Irma St. Paule

Designer: Jim Clayburgh
Film and Video: Ken Kobland
Costumes: Kate Valk and Peyton Smith
Additional Text: Ann Rower
Video Documentation By: Kit Fitzgerald

Random readings from works by Aldous Huxley, Arthur Koestler, Timothy Leary, Alan Watts, William Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and others
Letters, interviews and text given to The Wooster Group by Ann Rower
Themes from Arthur Miller's play The Crucible
Scenes from The Hearing, a play by Michael Kirby with The Wooster Group
Texts taken from the Liddy-Leary debates (circa 1982-1983)

Production History

September 1982: Road trip to Salem, Massachusetts
September, October, November, December 1982: The Crucible readings
January 20 - February 13 1983: L.S.D. work-in-progress including excerpts from The Crucible and record interpretation of L.S.D.
August, September 1983: L.S.D. (...Just the High Points...) rehearsals resume
October 13 - January 8 1984: L.S.D. work-in-progress at The Performing Garage
January 1984: Man in Miami filmed in Miami, Florida (later incorporated into L.S.D.)
February 17 1984: Crucible on Acid rehearsal video tape (later incorporated into L.S.D.)
March 22 - April 13 1984: L.S.D. with parts 1, 2, and 3 at The Performing Garage
April 15 - May 13 1984: L.S.D. first performances of all four parts in Boston, Massachusetts
September 27 - November 25 1984: L.S.D. at The Performing Garage - during this run TWG receives a cease-and-desist threat from Arthur Miller's lawyers
November, December 1984: Michael Kirby rewrites The Crucible section of L.S.D. (Part II)
January 5 -12 1985: L.S.D. reopens with new version of Part II
January 26 - 27 1985: L.S.D. at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut January 4 - 19 1986: L.S.D. at the Kennedy Center, Washington D.C.
March 1 - 15 1986: L.S.D. in Adelaide, Australia
April 28 - May 4 1986: L.S.D. and St. Antony rehearsals filmed for South Bank Show
August 12 - 18 1986: L.S.D. in Edinburgh
August 21 - September 6 1986: L.S.D. in London. White Homeland Commando public readings at the Riverside Studios
September 9 - 14 1986: L.S.D. in Cardiff, Wales
October 5 - 11 1986: L.S.D. at the Ancienine Belgique, Brussels
October 15 - 19 1986: L.S.D. in Theatre Am Turm, Frankfurt
October 28 - November 2 1986: L.S.D. in Milano
January 22 - February 10 1987: L.S.D. at The Performing Garage
June 4 - 7 1987: L.S.D. at the Montreal Festival
June 18 - 21 1987: L.S.D. at Smith College, North Hampton
September 6 - 13 1987: L.S.D. at the L.A. Festival. Cubby in L.A. video shoot (later incorporated into St. Antony)
September 17 - 21 1987: L.S.D. at On the Boards, Seattle
May 23 - 28 1988: L.S.D. at The Jerusalem Festival. Cubby in Jerusalem video shoot (later incorporated into St. Antony)
February 1 - 5 1989: L.S.D. in Toronto
October 4 - 19 1990: L.S.D., St. Antony, and Brace Up! work-in-progress at The Tramway Theater, Glasgow