Dear Friend,

I’m working on a new project. The Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Poland has asked the Group to create a piece in honor of the legendary director Tadeusz Kantor. Kantor was a theatrical revolutionary who started his career by staging clandestine performances in Nazi-occupied Poland. Under Poland’s communist regime, he continued making theater outside of official institutions. Later, as his reputation grew, he and his company Cricot 2 toured internationally (some of you may have seen his pieces at LaMaMa in the 1980s).

We’ve begun our piece by investigating Kantor’s archives. His daughter, Dorota Krakowska, has joined us as a dramaturge. Our company for this project includes performers Zbigniew Bzymek, Ari Fliakos, Suzzy Roche, Danusia Trevino, and Kate Valk.

We’re planning to premiere our Kantor piece (still untitled) at Bard SummerScape next July, but to make it happen we need your help now.

Last year, you helped us complete THE TOWN HALL AFFAIR. We’re just back from a European tour of that piece, and it will open at The Performing Garage this coming February. Later in the spring, we’ll tour the piece to REDCAT in Los Angeles and Z Space in San Francisco.

But back to the future . . . Anything you can give towards the creation of our new project will be greatly appreciated by all of us at The Wooster Group.

Thank you very much

Elizabeth LeCompte

To contribute by mail

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