This disc presents The Wooster Group's production of Anton Chekhov's Three Sisters, translated by Paul Schmidt and directed by Elizabeth LeCompte, with performances from Kate Valk, Peyton Smith, Scott Shepherd, Ari Fliakos, Anna Köhler, Beatrice Roth, Ron Vawter, and Willem Dafoe. The presentation of the 2003 production of BRACE UP!, designed by Ken Kobland and LeCompte, incorporates close-up recordings of the performers simultaneously with continuous wide-angle footage.

Bonus Material
   • An archival recording from 1993

"Chekhov through a new dimension...blithely paced, strangely haunting..."
   —The New York Times on BRACE UP!

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The Wooster Group - BRACE UP!
Anton Chekhov's Three Sisters, translated by Paul Schmidt; An assemblage made from three performances in April, 2003; Cast: Sheena See, Kate Valk, Beatrice Roth, Ari Fliakos, Anna Köhler, Paul Lazar, Willem Dafoe, Scott Shepherd, Joel Bassin, Gary Wilmes, Dave Shelley, Steve Cuiffo, Dominique Bousquet; On Video: Jack Frank, Josephine Buscemi, Michael Stumm; Director: Elizabeth LeCompte; Production: Jim Clayburgh, Christopher Kondek, Reid Farrington, James 'J.J.' Johnson, John Collins, Geoff Abbas, Jennifer Tipton, Elizabeth Jenyon, Kate Valk, Clay Hapaz, Iver Findlay, Ruud van den Akker, Gabe Maxson, Tara Webb, John Lurie, Lawrence 'Butch' Morris, Suzzy and Terre Roche, Evan Lurie; Other contributors to the making of BRACE UP! include: Joan Jonas, Steve Buscemi, Ruth Maleczech, Jo Andres, Elion Sacker, John Erskine

Bonus Material
An archival recording of BRACE UP! from April, 1993; Cast: Peyton Smith, Karen Lashinsky, Beatrice Roth, Scott Renderer, Anna Köhler, Roy Faudree, Ron Vawter, Jeff Webster, Paul Schmidt, Clay Shirky, Dave Shelley, Linda Chapman, Kate Valk, Marianne Weems

DVD Production
Ken Kobland, Geoff Abbas, Elizabeth LeCompte, Reid Farrington, Paula Court, Clay Hapaz, Carrie Kim; Thanks to: Paulina Jurzec, Jennifer Odishoo, Andrew Schneider; Packaging design: Yvan Greenberg; Cover photograph: Mary Gearhart

BRACE UP! DVD © The Wooster Group, 2009

Show length: 112 minutes
Total material: 225 minutes
1 disc